Inflow measurements for all seasons - Managing water is critical. “Most people now understand that we have a climate problem, but few yet appreciate how big it is or what it will take to solve it.” EPA web cast Oct 3, 2007.
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  • AzondeRoofMountAntennaGateway
    The sensor is in College Creek in the background
  • AzondeRoofMountAntennaGatewaFrmGrnd
  • CollegeCreek080211 9
  • CollegeCreek080211 13
  • CollegeCreekStream
  • GrapeCreek090414AntennaOverview
  • GrapeCreek090414AntennaClose
  • GrapeCreek090414StreamOverview
  • GrapeCreek090414StreamDetail
  • LCC46Ant070910a
  • Lcc46Ant070910l
  • Lcc46Ant070910o
  • Lcc46Ant070910overview
  • Lcc46Ant091013
  • Lcc46Other
  • Lid Group Presenatation2
  • LID Group Presentation
  • Mattole090410Ledge
  • Mattole090410Detail
  • Mattole090410LedgeUpstream
  • Mattole090410LedgeDownStream
  • Mattole090410 OverviewA
  • Mattole091029Antenna
  • Mattole091029Sensor
  • PurringtonCrk1
  • PurringtonCrk2

A low flow manual gauge and all seasons sensor

Antenna up the bank

An inflow sensor in a critical habitat

Riparian zone

Working fields

Monitoring the hydrograph in an urban channel

The channel in flood

On top of a County Building

Looking out from the building towards the sensor

A difficult location

The antenna